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From the point of view of botanics, tomato is a fleshy berry and thus a fruit. However due to low contents of sugar and type of application, it is regarded as a vegetable. Regardless of classification, tomato is delicious and it can be used in numerous ways in the kitchen.
Theare are a few hundred types of tomatoes – they have different colours, shapes and sizes. The most popular type of tomatoes are raspberry tomatoes, e.g. Tomimaru Muchoo (they feature a thin peel, pink colour and round shape), green ones (these are simply unripe red tomatoes), Tigerella tomatoes (irregular shape and they resemble colour of tiger or zebra), yellow, red and orange tomatoes (feature delicate structure and sweet flavour), date cherry tomato (firm and hard with elongated shape), as well as cocktail tomatoes – cherry or belido (small, red and sweet).
We offer mainly red tomatoes (AMIRO type – 140-170g fruit) and raspberry tomato (TOMIMARU MUCHOO type – 160-180g fruit). Tomatoes are sorted in 10 shades of colours and four sizes: A (MM) – 47-57 mm, B (M) – 57-67 mm, BB (G) – 67-82 mm, BBB (GG) – 82-102mm. Additionally we can supply tomatoes on twigs, cocktail tomatoes and date tomatoes. We also offer imported tomatoes.


Cucumbers are a traditional Polish produce. According to Eurostat, since 2000 Poland has been an unrivalled leader among EU countries in terms of cucumbers. Poles eat plenty of cucumbers. Total acreage of cucumbers in Poland amounts to almost 20,000 ha. Poland also processes over 90% of cucumber crop, while field cucumbers from the second half of the season are the best for pickles.
Cucumbers contain low amount of nutrients – 95% is water. However they contain plenty of minerals – these are thus chemical compounds positively affecting our organisms.
We offer domestic field cucumbers and greenhouse cucumbers, but we also offer imported cucumbers.


Apple is one of the most popular fruit grown in Poland. There are as many as 10,000 types of apples in the world, while Poland offers ca. 250 of them. Apples can feature different size, colour, succulence and flavour, as well as can be both wild and specially selected – grown to select the best ones for consumers. Apple is most often consumed as fresh produce or processed – mainly as juice.
Poland is the third largest exporter of apples in the world (after China and USA), as well as the second largest producer of concentrated apple juice (after China).
We offer a wide range of domestic apples such as Gala Royal, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Idared, Ligol, Ren Prince as well as imported apples.


Pears are the second most popular fruit in Poland, right after apples. They are grown in almost every backyard orchard. Depending on ripening season, they can be divided into summer, fall and winter types. The most popular pears are fall ones, which are hard, fleshy and tasty. They can be consumed directly or processed.
We offer the most popular types of domestic pears, such as conference pear, Doyenne du Comice and Alexander Lucas, but also imported pear.

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