Napisz lub zadzwoń do nas

Traditional since 1989.

Our history started in the breakthrough year of 1989 with the preserves of grandma Jadzia – mother of the company’s founder. These unforgetable flavours gave an impulse to develop the whole range of products based on traditional recipes and the best quality of locally grown vegetables. While creating Orzeł Polska brand we wanted to encapsulate flavours from our family kitchen – known from childhood – in a jar. This worked out perfectly well and with time we were appreciated in Poland and abroad.
At the moment Orzeł Polska is one of the most renown brands of Polish preserves as well as fresh fruit and vegetable. Our offer features amazing pickles all year long, but also marinades, soups, syrups, as well as other Polish produce. Our preserves are the result of traditional recipes combined with hand-picked produce and unforgettable flavours.
Our objective is to not only develop a strong and renown Polish brand, but most of all promote traditional recipes developed by our mothers and grand-mothers with love for the whole family.

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ul. Puławska 27,
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+48 502 645 360